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Made up of several very successful real estate agents, Condo King Projects focus on the sale and re-sale of new and old condos alike. When it comes to real estate, the Chinese market is definitely a very hot and desired segment. Read below to find out how we helped Condo King gain visibility in a very targeted audience and attract potential buyers from China.


Condo King Projects

Project Scope

Real Estate  / Anjuke

The Real Estate Market

The real estate market has been hot in Vancouver for some years now, and it is not showing any symptoms of slowing down. However, the local Chinese market has been divided and looted by different real estate agents and offices. So to get new business, it would have to be from China. While the logic is sound, the execution of such a marketing campaign is very complex because it includes not only an online campaign that reaches the right demographic, but also the details hidden in-between the two markets to successfully generate qualified, convertible leads. Things we had to consider for such a campaign includes:

  • The right platform and message to reach Chinese property buyers who are looking at oversea’s market.
  • The knowledge and ability to handle inquiries on issues including travel, immigration, money, and other relevant policies.
  • The ability to facilitate the Chinese buyers along the process to help them come to Canada.
  • The resources to help connect buyers with agents and overcome time difference and language barriers.

All in One Solution

  • Listing with Anjuke

    We used Anjuke as the main marketing medium over other platforms because it targets specifically the real estate industry and it's a consumer facing platform.

  • Answering Questions

    Organized a team that is equipped with visa, passport, and related expertise to answer incoming customer questions. The goal is to short list the incoming inquires into qualified leads.

  • Passing on the Lead

    Once the lead has been qualified, we then pass them onto Condo King to handle more in-depth questions on the properties.

  • Getting into Canada

    Once the leads become opportunities, we help them ready everything and put them on a plane to Canada, where they are connected in person with Condo King.

Property Listings

Listing with Anjuke allows us to showcase the pre-sale condos to millions of interested Chinese buyers in China. The platform also provides additional information such as near by schools, parks, shopping malls, and other life necessities.

The platform itself has multiple convenient features that we use to help Condo King acquire qualified leads. There is the 1 push-t0-call button and leave a message button that connect us with the customer directly. This system provides Condo King with roughly 10 qualified leads each week.

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