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Campaign Number


Start Date

July 5, 2021

End Date

September 30, 2021

basic requirements


Canada, USA


Product and Affiliate

Social media channels

Instagram, Youtube


5k - 50k

About Tidelook

Welcome aboard! We’re super excited to offer you a partnership with our brand!

As part of our collaboration, we would like to send you our latest Tidelook Blessing Niu Year Necklace or a Blue Channel Handbag to showcase to your audience (Your Choice). We think you’d look awesome in one of our latest Tidelook series. Take a look at our page and see if we’d be a good fit for your content: https://tidelook.myallvalue.com/

Who are we?

Tidelook is an independent and original accessories brand. The idea came from designers traveling around the world and discovering how important accessories are in the chemistry of the body. We always focus on the integration of fashion, street, personality, and interest into product design. Each irreplaceable design will accompany you to occupy the fashion plateau together with you

Our Product:

Blue Channel Handbag / Blessing Niu Year Collection


What are we expecting from you?

Publication details

  • Channels: Instagram
  • Format: 1 permanent post / 1 IG story or swipe up link (optional)

What to include in your publications

  • tag @tikelook_ in the post

Dates for the diary

  • Publications dates:
    •  Three days after receiving the product.

Mood Board

Here are a few ideas to get the cogs turning. We love the vibrancy, inclusivity, creativity, and exhibition



  • Your post should reflect on how you feel when you used this product
  • Your content must include a review of the items
  • The items should appear clearly and naturally in your photos/stories
  • The product features like surrounding stereo sound effect and noise reduction are prefer to be mentioned in your post


  • No offensive content
  • Don’t tag or mention other brands
  • Don’t belittle the product/items
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