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June 1, 2021

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July 31, 2021

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Canada, USA


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5k - 20k

About OliTB

The OliTB team is a group of young people from China and North America. The difference in nationality, skin color and cultural background does not prevent them from being like-minded because of their love for pets. On the contrary, they have formed a multicultural complementarity under the same philosophy. The name OliTB comes from the two cats “Oli” and “TB” of the company’s founders. OliTB believes pets are our family and friends accompanies us everyday. We will continue and always be committed to the cause of pet rescue and assistance, and at the same time pay attention to and promote the education of pet owners and pet practitioners.



Cat kitty


In order to apply you must meet the following filters: 

  • have 500 1.0k followers onInstagram.
  • have an engagement score of as least 2.0%.
  • located in Vancouver is the best


Our Product:                                                    

1. OliTB Kitty 3-IN-ONE Game Box

2.OliTB Composite Cat Litter

3. OliTB x Cheerble Pet Brush





Publication guidelines:

1 permanent post + 1 IG story

Specific Words for Brush:

  • Skin-friendly, silicone material, soft and elastic, comfortable and not hurting the skin, effectively remove pet hair and floating hair
  • 40 elastic massage needles and precise comb teeth are conducive to deep massage at the roots of the hair, which helps promote blood circulation and relieve stress.
  • Can be used dry and wet. You can remove the hair on the comb with a gentle tear then rinse with clean water. Convenient for clean.


  • Your post should reflect on how you feel when you wear these items
  • Your content must include a review of the items
  • The items should appear clearly and naturally in your photos/stories
  • Share the link of our official site — OliTB.com
  • sharing your private promo-code under each post
  • Tag @OliTB and @richwaytech in the picture
  • hashtag: #cat #kitty #kitten #cattoys #catfood #catlover #catsofinstagram #catlife #catloverclub #catstagram #catoftheday #ilovecats #cateyes #catcanada


  • No offensive content
  • Don’t tag or mention other brands
  • Don’t belittle the product/items

All content needs to go through an approval process. Please make sure to submit your publication drafts for approval BEFORE PUBLICATION. 

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1. OliTB Kitty 3-IN-ONE Game Box ——20% per each sale

2.OliTB Composite Cat Litter ——20% per each sale

3. OliTB x Cheerble Pet Brush ——15% per each sale

A special discount code will be provide once the agreement is signed, and the influencer is required to add this code in the post. The commission is calculate for every month, and the payment is depends on the usage of code. The commission be calculate based on the original price.

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