Baidu – The Best Choice for
SEM in China

There is no quicker path into the Chinese market than through search engine marketing on Baidu. Our certified Baidu marketing team can help elevate your brand and products from unknown to ubiquitous in China. Whether you want to sell your products to the Chinese audience, or you want to increase your brand awareness, Baidu search is the clear winner.


Why Baidu?

70% Market Share

You might have heard of Baidu, but have you heard of any other Chinese search engine?

Reach Over 700 Million Users

China now has over 700 million internet users. Baidu represents the most direct way to reach them.

90% of China Uses Baidu

With 90% of China using Baidu, it's a safe bet that the other 10% is very confused.

How does Richway harness the power of Baidu?

Fingers on the Pulse

Our team is made up of digital marketing experts working in both Canada and China to create winning SEM strategies for brands targeting a Chinese audience. We’ve made a name for ourselves by delivering clear and consistent results for campaigns run in China and anywhere Baidu search is used.

Nobody Does Baidu Better

Our parent company is one of the top SEM firms in China, with revenue in the billions. We will handle your brand using the same philosophy that has served so many companies so well, ensuring that your product or service the best chance at success in the Chinese market.

Let us help you expand your business into China.  Contact us for a free consultation.