Who we are

As a bunch of marketing nerds, we love writing stories, creating content, sharing with friends – and systematically research, strategize, and implement. We love our work and enjoy any challenge that comes along. Our life-long dedication is to take the mystery out of marketing to the Chinese market.

 Meet the team


  • Ivan Chen
    Ivan Chen Business Development

    With exclusive knowledge in everything about overseas trading, Ivan specializes in setting up everything from logistics to customs to help you get started  on selling into China. While the rest of Richway takes care of the online marketing, Ivan takes care of the offline portion of our Chinese marketing solutions.  When he’s not busy working, Ivan loves to read books… maybe.

  • Adam Song
    Adam Song Project Manager

    Adam comes from a very experienced background. He has worked in many start-ups and has had several of his own, some of which have seen great success. While he is a member of the Richway team, he is still the CEO of a very popular air purifier brand that met its success through digital marketing efforts planned and executed by Adam himself.

  • Nick Liu
    Nick Liu Front End Guru

    Engineered to be perfect, Nick is a man of power and mystery, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery. Nick’s addition to the team was truly remarkable since he is the real mastermind behind that could move the world without lever and fulcrum — Sorry Archimedes, but Nick wins this one.

  • Leo
    Leo Marketing Magician

    Leo is the perfect blend of business and relationships, making him a valuable partner and consultant for clients who want their brand to reach its full potential. He asks the right type of probing questions to find your goals and direction and then uses that knowledge to formulate new ideas and strategies to grow your business. With more than 10 years life experiences in both Asia and Europe, Leo might be able to tell you something interested from his perspective.

  • April Zhang
    April Zhang Marketing Master

    With years of experience in the field of social media campaign management, April is very creative and is always looking for the BEST solution to achieve what her customer is trying to accomplish. Whether it’s Baidu, Google, WeChat, Weibo, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. She is always able to have more visitors/followers than anyone else does in the team. Having great passion towards digital marketing, she is really excited to help you to achieve your ultimate goal, by surprising you – in a good way of course.

  • Ryan Yao
    Ryan Yao Product Designer

    Ryan has always been keen on Product and Design. With the extensive knowledge on the area, he is a valuable member of the team. His goal with product design is always creating a simple and elegant solution to solve people’s problem. Addition to this, his development skill makes him have much easier time to communicate with our developer team.

  • Billy Hung
    Billy Hung Front End Crackerjack

    Oceanography is the study of the ocean, and Billy, the ocean man, is the guy that brings THE FLOW to our team. With a unique background in oceanography and statistics, he is able to deliver truly remarkable designs with a smooth integration of interesting skillsets to the table. With a dedicated determination, Billy is not only looking for his own success, but also the success of everyone in the team, that’s why he literally trained everyone to be stronger through constant workout. “DO YOUR WORK, or you will be thrown to the ocean!” said the ocean man.

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee Fullstack And +

    After years of experience in sales, marketing and customer service, Ryan Lee turned his childhood hobby, programming, into his full-time carrier. His passion is not only limited to delivering high quality software but also extends to customer satisfaction and as well as solving world business problems.

  • Wenting Li
    Wenting Li Digital Marketing Specialist

    Fascinated by the power of technology and social media, Wenting steered her career from teaching to the digital world. One of her core talents is storytelling , which enables her to create both written and video content that attracts more than 500,000 views. She is our go-to-person for copywriting and video production. On top of online marketing, Wenting has studied web development and UI&UX design. When she is not working, Wenting is learning new skills or traveling. Curiosity to technology and the world drives her forward.